nJoyArt Starter Kit - Deluxe

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  • £39.00

nJoyArt's Deluxe Starter Kit - 5 Session

Includes all the equipment you need to get started and enough supplies for you to enjoy 5 nJoyArt painting sessions


Wooden Tabletop Easel

6 x 120ml Work of Art Acrylic paints (Titanium White, Charcoal Black, Crimson Red, Lemon Yellow, Leaf Green, Ultramarine Blue)

nJoyArt Selection Brushes - set of 4

Extra 1.5" Flat Brush

5 x nJoyArt ArtBoards (40cm x 40cm x 3mm)

Our ArtBoards are prepared with Professional grade coatings and ready for use

Please Note: due to unpredictable supply at the moment, we may substitute the paints for a different make. The grade, colour and amount of these will be comparable or higher.

UK courier delivery only

Session fees not included - Please book your place on the nJoyArt sessions through our store